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Welcome to Chantal's Free Stained Glass Patterns


The world's largest collection of stained glass patterns... and they are free. As long as you are an individual crafter making and selling your own crafts, you may create crafts from the patterns for gifts, even for sale. Do not, however, post the patterns and illustrations on other websites.

Locate the patterns using the dropdown menus at the top of the page, and browse according to pattern shape or theme.

Simply touch or click the stained glass pattern thumbnail to print the corresponding, full size black and white pattern. When you click on the button, the default dimensions for the pattern will automatically appear in the dialog box. If the pattern is larger than letter paper, it will automatically be printed over several pages at 150 dpi.You may alter the default dimensions to make the pattern larger or smaller. Toggling the lock icon will decouple the width and height and let you change the proportions.

Once your pattern is printed, the time to dream begins. Imagine rainbows of colours and rich textures that catch and distort the sunlight in unique ways, bounded by strong, dramatic lead lines.


This is a collection of unique, yet classical designs with architectural trends and timelessness in mind. Some glass sheets are works of art on their own, while others are more prosaic. What they share in common is an ability to transform light. Whether one admires an elaborate, naturalistic, authentic Louis C. Tiffany window, or a fanciful array of muntin-like zinc came with only a few uniform color accents in a sea of clear float glass, one must reckon that both these extremes elevate glass to sublime heights.


Some of the stained glass patterns are suited for beginners, and others for experienced stained glass artisans. Regardless of your skill level, may you make projects that you are proud of, enhance your home, or that make cherished presents to your loved ones.


Stained Glass Patterns... not just for stained glass!

Visitors have been using stained glass patterns for a myriad of crafts ranging from scrapbooking, clipart, stationary, greeting cards, scroll saw, needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroidery, quilting, ceramics, painting, miniatures, doll houses, model trains, Christmas tree villages, glass plainting, coloring, patchwork, digital art, even elaborate jacquard knits! I never cease to be impressed with the visitor's creativity and resourcefulness. I truly enjoy all the photographs I've been receiving over the years.


The patterns can be used directly as "paint-by-number" patterns to reproduce a similar design on various supports and media such as watercolors, Tolle painting, card making, scrapbooking, gourd painting, acrylics, oils, rubber stamping and holiday crafts.


The simplest designs are readily adaptable for quilting, and the more complex one just need to be enlarged until they reach a scale and level of detail compatible with your quilting technique.


For kids, free stained glass patterns are great for coloring. Not to mention how they can make faux stained glass with silk paper and black cardboard.